Candidate 2018

My entire life has been an investment in the service of others.

I am Hugo Sr. and Graciela Balta’s son, immigrants from Peru, who by example taught me, among many lessons, the value of investing in one’s community. If I have had any success, it is in great part because generous people (family, friends and colleagues) have allegorically lifted me on their shoulders and helped me reach higher and see farther than I ever could on my own two feet. The National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) does the same for me and thousands of its members.

NAHJ provides valuable training to improve one’s skillset, a pipeline to network with industry leaders and a structure of support throughout career peaks and valleys. It is my responsibility to do the same for others.

Since founding the NAHJ New Jersey professional chapter in 2007 and serving in several national board positions, culminating with president in 2012, I have dedicated myself to championing NAHJ’s mission of advocating for the fair and accurate treatment of Latinos in mass media.

We live in a troublesome time, attacked as journalists and Latinos; verbally assaulted as enemies of the people and criminals. This type of fear propaganda by those in positions of power and influence often go unchecked and fuel the increasing political, social and racial divide in our country.

I choose to run for president of NAHJ to regain the association’s prominence as a respected leader, collaborating in realizing diverse and inclusive newsrooms, speaking out against injustices by supporting and providing visibility to journalists exercising their constitutional right to hold the powerful accountable, give voice to the voiceless and empower the public to act.

Hugo Balta NAHJ President 2018

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